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High-Impact Teams
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October 1, 2021

If you want your team to perform highly, you need everyone to commit to the mission.

Recently I was with the executive team of one of the great airlines in this world. And they're doing very, very well.

By asking three questions, I was able to get this team to awaken and recognize that a new operating model of performance was needed.

1.  How committed are you to each other's success?

2.  How committed are you to take this organization 10x?

3. What could you do as an organization that could be potentially 10x if you worked differently together?

These questions brought them beyond a coexisting fashion which slips into collaboration as needed and slips back into coexistence. Instead, it brings them into a model of what I call co-elevation.

* A team truly committed together to the same mission

* A team committed to elevating to that mission

* A team committed to elevating each other.

A commitment to the mission and each other is core to a co-elevating team.

Friends of mine are now using the word co-elevation to define their wedding vows. We're committing to co-elevate, to go higher together in our lives.

Our commitment to each other, our goals, our dreams, our hopes. Our commitment to hold each other accountable, to be there for each other in ways that aren't just coexisting but truly going higher together. You know it's been the basis of the turnaround of some pretty significant companies and the savior of many, many hundreds of thousands of jobs which again, I'm deeply proud of.

Co-elevation, if I think of all the things that I've done and our organization has worked on, deeply proud of the work we've done. But I do believe that one of the greatest lasting legacies will be the introduction of a word. But not just the introduction of a word, but the introduction of a new way of being.

Photo by Leon on Unsplash

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