Strategies on Fixing Today's Coaching Crisis

Resilience and Mental Well-Being
10 Minute Read
September 27, 2021

We roll our eyes and joke about the millennials, but these individuals have raised the bar in terms of our ability to meet a hurdle of care, attentiveness, coaching, leadership, guidance, et cetera, that they really want, and they need.

So what do you do when you're squeezed between an increased demand and a lack of supply in the coaching world? I believe that we shift the burden with vulnerability.

Let your people know that you feel badly, that you cannot supply the kind of coaching that you would like. That you care deeply about their growth and their development, but you struggle, based on all of the other time pressures that you have, to deliver at a level that you feel they deserve.

It's absolutely crucial that we as leaders begin to move this feedback culture forward, and this culture of development forward.

There's so many things you can do that get individuals to put their own playbook together, their own learning network together. (Watching the full video for a few of these strategies)You need to, as a leader, start to unleash the coaching within your team. You need to shift the burden from your shoulders to the team, to coach each other. You need to shift the burden from your shoulders, to every individual's, to be a enlister of feedback and coaching for themselves.

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