Keith Ferrazzi Podcast - Jeffrey Pfeffer - Social Capitalist Live

Entrepreneurship and Networking
10 Minute Read
October 4, 2021

Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer reveals that acquiring real clout, the kind that helps you get stuff done, requires a few bare-knuckle strategies...and a lot of social capital. To build your path to power, you have to consider not just your social networks but the role you play in those networks. They will be discussing:

• Qualities that create power—and why intelligence is not one of them.
• How bridging different social worlds creates influence.
• Why likability is overrated.
• How to act and speak powerfully and persuasively.

myGreenlight staff members host live conversations for our listeners with the world's top relationship masters to discuss insights, tactics, and tools to help you build the social capital required for success.

If you want to transform your life, you need the help of others -- powerful relationships with people who give you support and access, and push you to exceed your potential.

Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash

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