Is your fatigue a product of isolation?

Resilience and Mental Well-Being
10 Minute Read
September 27, 2021

There have been many times in my career where I have been absolutely exhausted and frustrated. When I’d take a step back I always find that isolation is the cause of my frustration. When trying to get something done, the first question we should always be asking ourselves is...

Who are the individuals that I need to achieve my goals?

I usually found that the people that I needed to enlist more intimately to the work I was doing were the very people who were frustrating me the most. The second question we have to ask ourselves is...What’s my part? How can I be a better coach to the people on my team?

We have to take it upon ourselves to be the coach of those who must frustrate us.

To be a coach, we must have permission to coach. We must build a connection with each individual on our team to co-elevate  them in taking authority of their role in completing a project.

Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

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