"Collaboration for Team Success" Keynote by Keith Ferrazzi - Chief Information Officer Summit

Hybrid Collaboration and Innovation
10 Minute Read
September 27, 2021

In Keith Ferrazzi's keynote, Collaboration for Team Success, the audience will be inspired to embrace a new set of four essential mindsets: intimacy, generosity, candor and accountability. His explanation and application of these mindsets to the corporate environment transforms human qualities into powerful business tools. Companies like Cisco, US Bank, Bank of America, Gartner, Lincoln Financial Group, Kraft and Accenture are rapidly adopting these mindsets to create a more successful and collaborative corporate culture.

Attendees will discover how these mindsets can spark the progression of a collaborative team internally that resonates throughout the organization and becomes a tool to reach out externally to clients and differentiate the corporate brand in the marketplace. This movement toward a more collaborative work style starts with changing corporate culture and then expands to shape not only the industry, but society itself.

Takeaways include:

A systematic approach to collaborative problem-solving .Definition of participant buy-in and a measurable method to determine final outcome. A series of exercises demonstrating the creation of a safe place where innovation and creativity can flourish. Instruction on development of a Relationship Action Plan for your group to utilize with the top 250 relationships critical to your team's success. Identifiable steps to developing a Relational Culture by demystifying the 4 mindsets of Intimacy, Generosity, Candor and Accountability and making these mindsets of collaboration the cornerstone of the corporate culture.

Attendees leave the presentation with a tool box of easily applicable human qualities and the ability to translate these mindsets into a successful collaborative environment within the organization.

TESTIMONALS: "Keith has a really interesting way to reel people in with enthusiasm and emotion. But, what you discover as you work with Keith is he has a real talent for getting down to the actual action steps... the accountability, all these practical, measurable aspects of a collaboration that really makes it real for people, that really makes it stick in terms of its value to people."
- Chris Beveridge, Snr.Mgr. of Thought Leadership, Cisco

"I adore Keith. I love everything he does. I think he's a genius. I go to so many of these events and people talk and then they leave, and nothing happens and nothing changes. What is unique about an event with Keith is people come together and get action steps.... And they have a way to collaborate and be empowered to make a difference and make change... and are obligated to do so. Because you are not here if you don't want to be engaged."
- Lisa Oz, producer of "The Dr. Oz Show"

You can't have innovation without collaboration. Innovation thrives on ideas; it thrives on diversity... And when you don't have collaboration among a diverse team, you'll never innovate. Keith Ferrazzi is a true thought leader bringing together the four mindsets of intimacy, generosity, candor and accountability to create a collaborative community that is making global change."
- Donna Sturgess, Founding Partner & President , Buyology Inc.

KEYNOTE:  COLLABORATION FOR TEAM SUCCESS Keith Ferrazzi's Institute for the Relational and Collaborative Sciences has been studying the science of relationships for over ten years.  . With competition maxed out on pricing and product features in nearly every industry, the key differentiator in many cases are relationships: both those that companies have with their customers and the relationships that employees have with each other. It is these relationships that are transformative and allow an organization the ability to retain loyalty and to innovate their products and services. Now is the time for groups to invest in building deep collaborative relationships both internally and externally. These authentic, non-transactional relationships form the key building blocks that allow companies to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

The corporate structure itself has undergone drastic change during the last decade, with the layers of middle and senior management flattening and teaming concepts increasingly gaining favor. Managers are now being asked to complete projects with less money, less people and in less time. These smaller teams present new challenges and opportunities, with individual personality quirks and flaws more influential and noticeable. It is critical to an organization's survival to build strong collaborative relationships with their team members and business partners." Collaboration equals innovation." -- Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers

Photo by Mapbox on Unsplash

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