Co-Elevation: It Means Leading Without Authority

Team Leadership
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September 27, 2021

Technology is helping to advance unknown companies into industry disruptors in a matter of years.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are tracking our every move online (and then serving us ads with what we need to buy).

New tools are being served to us that are supposed to change how we do business. At the surface, it can be easy to assume that the reason for all of this unease is from the massive amount of change that we are all facing. But the reality of the matter is that all the change has nothing to do with it.

The reason we feel frustrated, overwhelmed and fatigued is that we are applying old work rules that apply to an old work world. But the old work rules no longer apply to the new work world.  And we’re clinging onto those old rules. The old rules of authority, to control and the need for an individual to carry the burden of leadership.

But that’s not the way that we should operate anymore. What we need to do now is lead without authority. And the only way to do that is through a concept known as co-elevation.

Co-Elevation is a word that doesn't exist in our vocabulary today, but we had to create it for a new world and a new work order. A commitment to leadership without authority is a commitment to co-creating with a group of individuals that would meet the transformational pressures in the marketplace today.

It's Co-Elevation.

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