CHRO Community: Going Higher Together

Team Leadership
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September 27, 2021

The CHROs in our community come from some of the leading organizations in the US. They have committed to one mission: To not letting each other fail; to help their associates not let each other fail; and to cascade this into the world.

Through physical and digital forums members share best practices, pilots, insights and more as a way to form deeper, more meaningful relationships dedicated to going higher together.

Of particular note, we host 5x5x5 Group Coaching Calls where members tee up a specific business issue they are facing and gain the benefit of individual and collective feedback of the group. Each call provides time and space for each participant to focus on their respective issue or business challenge.

Further, Keith Ferrazzi and his team will help facilitate introductions to community members as well as people within their network that can help advance each person’s business and personal agenda.

If you are a CHRO and ready to commit to going higher together, please complete the form below. We look forward to you joining us

The way that we've established ourselves as a community, in a very short space of time, even though I might not have interacted with every single member individually, I would have no problem connecting back with any one member of the group; gathering information from them or helping them. Just knowing that this is a community of people who want to do that, that's what I think is different.
-Robin White, Vice President, HR Kimberly Clark

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