A Commitment to an Inspired New Year

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September 27, 2021

Research shows us that most people give up on their New Year resolutions by the second week of February.

It’s no surprise: in our homes, communities, and workplaces we have more distractions and faced more challenges than ever before.

And after a year like 2020 and tumultuous start to 2021, who can blame them?

As leaders and change agents, how do we tune out all of this noise and challenges to stay on track, stay committed and laser-focused on our mission -- our North Star

Below I would like to share with you what my spiritual coach passed onto me.

With the distraction of the holidays behind us, I challenge you to take time to set intentions for this year and envision everything you and your team have to share with the world this year.


Coming to Terms with 2020:

1. What challenged your spirit most deeply in 2020 and what soul learning can you harvest from this experience that may allow you to see this time as a stepping stone and a chance to embody more of your Light going forward? What understanding can you bring to this, which opens the door for gratitude in your heart for this experience?

2. What were the most beautiful blessings that came for you in 2020? What were the unexpected gifts of Grace in the last twelve months? List as many as you can think of, to give thanks for, and to feel how life is and has been supporting you.

Looking ahead to 2021:

1. What are your intentions for 2021? Not what you want to have or have happen, rather, how do you want to show up? What would you like to transform, open, heal or develop within yourself? In what ways would you like to expand and grow to become more alive, and to be able to shine more of your True Essence and Light in the world?  

2. What would you most like to ask the Guidance of God to support you in at this time, at the beginning of this new year?

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