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Courageous Speech Is a Key Block in the Innovation Stack of a High-Return Team

In teams, there’s no absence of innovative ideas, but rather, the unwillingness to speak courageously. Keith Ferrazzi sat down with Jim McKelvey to define best practices for boosting team innovation.

7 Strategies to Build a More Resilient Team

Through our research and experience coaching executive teams, LHH and Ferrazzi Greenlight have identified four characteristics of resilient teams: candor, resourcefulness, compassion, humility.

Advice to President Biden for turning his Cabinet into an effective team

Could we apply co-elevation to our government? By emulating top business teams and practicing co-elevation, I believe Biden can reverse the political infighting that has plagued past administrations.

A Commitment to an Inspired New Year

With the distraction of the holidays behind us, I challenge you to take time to set intentions for this year and envision everything you and your team have to share with the world this year.

Reinventing the Magic of Live Events in a Virtual World: Lessons from Leading Event Organizers

Virtual events aren’t new, their massive and sudden proliferation during the pandemic has provided a global laboratory for understanding and solving their challenges & flexing their unique advantages.

D&I Leaders: Racism is Killing Your Black Employees

Black executives urge corporate America to take a public stance against systemic racism - because it is killing them literally and figuratively.

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